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George Washington Channelled by K 26 Feb 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I asked Spirit who would talk through me for March's newsletter and the answer was... George Washington will be there. This took me back at first, I asked why him, and why me? So as I sat with Spirit they told me that this was because our meditation program for March is about choices and this man knows all too well about this topic. Quickly his presence was felt and the smell of old uniform came through me. I saw the battle he fought and the men that were lost. I have no real understanding about his time but I felt he was about to tell me. This was a very different channelling session for me, the energy was different and I felt as though I was the reporter with pen and paper and I was to be ready to have questions for him. So, as I brought his energy in closer to me, the room filled with a sense of being on a battlefield - the old smell of a uniform, the concept of mud and water and the shadow of sadness that formed darkness for many. As we sat together, I began to see others join him one by one. Presidents from the U.S.A., I only knew them through movies I have watched. They were considered the leaders of the world in the past and it was obvious they still had something to say. At the same time, there were others present as well... Mohandas Gandhi, Napoleon Bonaparte... just to mention a few.

GW: in my time of council here on this Earth I had learned many things. One which was the most powerful of all.... man has choice and with choice comes responsibility and with responsibility comes the power to achieve more. Every one of us, the forefathers of this country are still here now in the higher realms. We sit in council, Senate and Congress. Ben still wares his hat, Teddy smokes those terrible cigars. John (J.F.K.) has become the quieter one and still wishes to lead... you know he was cheated out of his term. As our country America began, we raised a nation that believed "freedom" was a choice for an individual. Every other country in the world feels the same. Since entering these realms, we have learned that not everything is the way of man's thinking. War was continued to save face. Man craved more power with demand.

K : (instantly I saw faces flash up in front of me, Hitler, the Klu Klux Klan and others responsible for war. I had had these visions before. My total being was filled with sadness and I watched men that marched for their country in the belief justice would prevail. I was cold and had a very empty feeling within me. And then there was a sense of light ... hope ... and the knowing of world change.) I asked George, "why those visions?"

GW : Those who are left on Earth have still not learned from past hurts. I ask you today... Can you make better choices for yourself and your nations?... Yes, is the answer you must have on your heart. Give the new leaders of this world a go. Our lives were examples of what to do, and what not to do. Suffering must stop. Rights and wrongs still fill your world. We are aware that every nation has their own way. YOU should work on unity instead of separation. Equal (Equality) is the key... and the need for change is imperative. Continue to stand for what you believe in, but ask yourself first, do you have a compassionate heart? Then ask, are you fighting for what you stand for? Or, are you another that follows the flock? Then pray. May God be with you all.

K : I asked George, "what about our country, Australia? "

GW: he smiled at me with a sigh, "Madam, do you not understand?... You are all nations. You make up the world, now behave like it!"

- George Washington

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