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Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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The Romance Angels Channeling 

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romance angels

As I tuned in to the Romance Angels, the soft choir of angelic voices began to circle me. A singing harp presented itself, and an angel stepped forward... "Beloved ones, my name is Jonathan and I will speak first. We are well aware what February, this month means for many of you. You have claimed a date to prepare for excitement...and failure. Fortunately, the ratio is high as to who survives this date, your 14th of February. There are many that have a perfect day, but there are more who do not. And for this reason, this date in the year is not always successful. We are a large group of Divine Love energy beings who are needed everywhere. Many see us in their own lives for they work and live romance and put love into their everyday life. So, now we wish to acknowledge the ones who do not practice this faith. Your hearts beat as one with us, because you are made from us and so therefore, your daily activities should wear love, care and ooze much happiness. You all have a destiny for this. No one is to be alone (on Valentines Day). No one. This day you set aside to be perhaps a better person, give a little more, or surprise another should occur daily, not just in one day, on one date. Many of you don't speak this truth of your desires for this to be so, yet your expectations are let down because your communication is not expressed well. We see the man who rubs his wife up as she does the dishes, the woman who plays a cute role in the outfit that would please, the gesture of holding hands to say 'you are with me,' the lights that are low and snuggles begin, sweet kisses of gentleness also, dinners that are planned, gifts that are bought, cards that are written and sent. This is love...This is romance...and we are pleased that you all know the meaning. So, why pick just one day to be like this? We ask you to choose everyday to be filled with these things. This day must not just be for lovers. Join in and make it friends, family and colleagues. As we spread our wings around you, we do not think of the burden you all have as you do. We think only of loving thoughts and spread more angel dust, which is our love for this Universe you claimed as your own world." He stopped speaking and the next angel stepped forward.

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"This is angel Celeste speaking...Kindness is needed. Feeling special is needed more, which will replace the fears this world sits in. Let us wrap you up in the magic of love. Call on us. Allow us in your lives everyday, not just for one. Treat each other like Kings and Queens. Your world is hurting and love will heal it. Find the beauty within you to bring out the beauty of another. Do not leave people alone. Do not be alone yourself. Whatever makes you happy, please enlarge it. Do not be afraid to ask for more. Allow each other to be heard and help each other along your paths. Romance is about sensual feelings; find those within yourselves to ignite your soul's energy. Tune into your desires and let it be known. Do not be afraid to love, be loved, or give love. This is your birthright. Please claim it." As I stepped out of the mist I seemed to be in, I saw thousands of angels floating. They were all chanting the wordLove; the sounds were music to my ears. The colours of their auras were magnificent, a lovely celestial sight, and I bathedin this euphoric energy they delivered to me. Every face was perfect, everyone of them smiled; their wings were cupped and bathed in light. They seemed uniform and in unison, as though everyone had a place to stand. A gentleness and contentment then came over me. One by one, they sparked tiny little coloured lights, with white and gold as well. And, in a flash, they disappeared. Yet, there I was, cocooned in love. A tiny voice whispered,"This is how we want you all to feel. Please connect with us." I admit it has been along time since I have sat with the romance angels, so the joy I felt from this meeting will remind me to call on them more. Love is a strange thing. We all want it, but sometimes we loose our direction of how to achieve it. I was reminded of a male client who once came to me, as he was looking for a partner. He announced he was ready for a partner, because he knew what the word LOVE meant. I asked, "Really? Tell me." He said, "It means to be special. And, if you can see yourself as special, then you can make another feel special." Afterwards Spirit directed me to look up in the dictionary and define 'special': one of a particular kind, for some purpose, exceptional!...

rose, romance angels

May EVERY a Valentines Day for you.

- the Romance Angels




What to know what a real angel looks like? Angel Photo by Dr Michael

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To want love, you must understand that you have love. To give, then you must accept. Enjoy your fruits while you can.

Archangel Michael Channelling