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Dragonflies, channelled by 25th December

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The Captain

Christmas is upon us with the New Year around the corner and all are anxious of what 2010 will bring. As I settle myself and breathe deeply, I had a profound vibration run through me. As the pen begins to write via automatic writing, my third eye opens and my vision now becomes clearer. I find myself in a field of daisies and there is a sweet smell of perfume in the air. I feel like a child and like my eyes see only what I wish to see. The world becomes silent for a moment and then I hear the noise-like-drone around me. I hear a voice say, “Look up we are here.” As I look up there are thousands of dragonflies around me, buzzing along hastily. Their colours are so magical as the sunlight beams down through their wings. My hand reaches out as if I am able to catch one. Not so. Wow, they are really so magical. I ask the group what message do you have for me and then, as if a choir that took their first notes it became a song as they hovered around me. They were dancing… I was in awe.

enraptured embrace

“We are the dragons from a magical world… here to prove to you that life is not always what it seems. We bring with us the wisdom that will help you with the process of enlightenment you all seem to seek. Please hear us now for there is no time to waste anymore.” “We are the everyday life, living the experiences as you do. We shift in colours, energy, and form just as you can. Our consciousness is made of a higher frequency of light. You are the same, yet you have trouble flying. So, many of you sit in the illusion. Please break this down, and see your truths. Please transform your fears and ignorance. When you can finally allow your mind to see clearly, then you will be able to change your behaviours and circumstances, and that is what is needed in your life in order to create a life filled with love. So many of you do not care about your actions, nor take responsibility. Now is the time to vibrate to a higher source. There is no time to waste; you must hurry. A new year is about to begin and all the old must be left behind. Believe us when we say there is a new shift coming and you will not be able to ignore it. Please learn to open your third eye… open your hearts even more. Please release doubt, anger, and fear and be open to all that is new, for this is the year that will prove the shift to you. You must all see things more clearly. Stronger communication amongst you is necessary. Positive changes will give you positive outcomes.

30 Days of gratitude-Day 12

We ask that you begin to remove all debt from your lives. Those who want more because of greed will lose more in their lives. Let go of relationships that do not allow you to be you. Everyone is an individual and must be allowed to stand as themselves. We ask you to stand to Source only as one. If you do not vibrate with a person, then find another you with which you do vibrate. Bring peace back into your family situations and friendships; many of you are so truly out of alignment here. Get out of the job you so hate, and follow your true path. If you are hurting then find a way to heal. There are no excuses, for you all have the mind, body, and soul that is fully equipped to change, heal, and love your life. You all must gain more insight. Live to learn and learn to live. Find the teacher or be the teacher. Resolve all issues that hold you back. Find the inner peace you all so crave. FULFILLMENT is the word for the New Year. Allow the new vibration within to blossom. No delay… act on it now. We are filled with much magic and so are you. Remember, you come from the Light. Please step on the path that allows. Do notonly survive. Push through those barriers and become more. Do not fear the changes Mother Earth will show you. Yes, She cries with pain but… see only love and mend each fence that can be mended. Many souls will be lost, but not really. They all have a place in their new realms. Reconnect with nature so you may be nurtured. Enjoy the elemental kingdom; it really is filled with magic! Play with ease, be open, and dance for joy. Please take the time when you see us to call on the magic you so deserve.”

- the Dragonflies

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