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Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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Archangel Michael Channeled by K on Google 31 Dec 2008

"Greetings from the Higher Realms. For those who know me, I send my love, and to those who are about to know me I welcome you with love. From the corner of your eye, or through your third eye, I come to each and everyone of you in a ray of blue light. My light is brighter than before and many of you will see the illuminating facets I now wear as my armour to meet with you. This year 2009 is full of many new wonderful prospects. Believe in what I say. Your God, my Leader, wishes you to know more. Your world is crumbling. Please do not despair, for this is only a change you must learn to rejoice in. Long ago, your time was spent well... "fruitful," God would say. Today we need you to turn back the clock and look at how you can and must improve all situations in your life. If you took account for all that you have, or had, this lifetime around, you would see that there is plenty always to go around. Your leaders of this world still have not learned enough, yet, we have faith in all of you that this can change. Who still looks through the looking glass? You can not afford to do this, for time is slipping from you. Have you not noticed that you are all busier and the years go quicker, yet many of you have not achieved a thing. Time now is measured by your actions. Today is the day you must begin your journey you were here for. We, the Archangels of the Realms, sit high above you... all willing to help you in every way, yet you do not ask enough. Some still see us as a fable, when in fact we are real. Your Guardians and Collectors are now moving many vibrations within and around you, so the situations that are harmful to you are finished. What you thought was a straight and narrow path can be now a winding road. Do not worry, for this road has more opportunities now necessary to be placed in your path for goodness. Too many of you have been two-faced (as your world names it). Go back to the basics and allow your soul to sit with contentment. Selfishness in the world has escalated the mind-games you now play in your relationships. Your children wear your burdens where it is not there birthright to bear. They are children. Allow them to be that. Your schools have to change. Your nurturing skills have to improve. Listen to a child, for they have more answers than you do today. Doom and gloom... says your world of experts. What if everyone of you said NO to this all? Where do you think your world would be then? And how do you think you may feel with this achievement? You came to this Earth to learn... to live. Many of you have... but, many of you... have not. (OK) Sit in your gloom... enjoy the suffering. We can look forward to seeing you soon in the Realms of Heaven... or, not. (sarcastically smiling) I am your Angel of courage and protection and I tell you all right now, you can be the change... you can do it. Make a stand. Call back all of your particles of your soul, you so gladly gave up, for what? Now is the time to be whole. Find peace with thine self. Smile more, for you are a race that can. Believe me... we are here for every one of you."

-Archangel Michael

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Spirit Message

Find peace with thine self. Smile more, for you are a race that can. Believe me... we are here for every one of you.

Archangel Michael Channelling