Archangel Zadkiel Message for Brisbane Floods - You Were Warned

Last Updated June 27th, 2013
Archangel Zadkiel Message for Brisbane Floods - You Were Warned

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Archangel Zadkiel Message for Brisbane Floods - You Were Warned

It is with delight that I can share this message with you, after I awoke to sunshine this morning with the birds singing. My prayers have been answered – the rain has stopped.

Dr. Michael and I don’t watch TV often, mostly because the noise affects us and much of the programs build fear in many. We rely on Spirit to be the newscaster. Yesterday, that is exactly what happened. We were aware of the Brisbane floods and willing to help or talk to people in need and give where we can. But yesterday, Spirit guided me to turn on the TV and so I saw the devastation Mother Earth has been creating.

I realized I needed more information, so I drifted into to meditation and sat with Spirit, asking what must I know, what do I need to share, and how can I help others in this understanding. This is how Spirit replied in my visions.

Archangel Zadkiel came and spoke to me – calmly sitting on a bench next to a tree.

Archangel Zadkiel is the Angelic Ambassador of Benevolence; he is with us, helping us to discover our divine truths in all of us.  He wishes us to use our abilities so that we may see beyond our earthly perceptions of our relationships with others and also with ourselves, thus giving us a positive foundation within us all of our experiences and journeys. Zadkiel, also wants us to remember who we are. Our Spiritual Relationship with each other will help us all see the need and desire to Forgive.  He wishes and guides us on our spiritual journey along with the ability to find peace within ourselves to share a path with others.

Forgiveness is the key word here for the circumstances that has arisen. K, we will call this situation you have here ‘Devastation and Resurrection’.

‘Well sir', I replied, ‘that does not sound so good’.

‘Be quiet, K, I will explain. Now, you see, there is much wrong in all of this, but there is a plan. The forces of nature are real and now have a target set in place.

At this moment, I remembered a meditation in 2010 with a closed group of friends where the information presented to all was that of floods and devastation was to come, but the feeling at the time was that this would be a global event, not a local one. It was to be about cleansing, exposing, and the opportunity to come together to join into groups and to renew human faith and strengths.

Zadkiel continued, ‘Many of you do not see why this has happened [the Brisbane and QLD Australia Floods] but I will share this with you now. The shift is necessary, I use that word shift strongly for it is the change we have guided you with and your human race and now you will sit up and take note. Your politicians have come to the rescue too late. Discussions, discussions, ha! Actions are the result you needed - paperwork and table talk, in house and out. Environmental warnings fell on deaf ears.

  • Firstly, what this situation will do is unite people that needed to be.
  • Friends and family that did not speak - now they will.
  • People who have not cared for another now stretch their hand out for a stranger.
  • Food that is lost that formed your crops forces a change in all of your dietary needs.
  • Many who live in isolated areas rotting away with no care or awareness from others will now be found.
  • People who had nobody in their lives, now have strangers bringing life to them.
  • People who are lazy and do not work, now will be moved to areas that will be given work.
  • New jobs for people that would not leave the old.
  • Single people isolated will now be around many.
  • Homes that were not suitable from lack of care for many have been destroyed so new may be built.
  • Many who refuse to change their lifestyles now have no choice but to.
  • Many will be brought in to areas to work and many will stay and bring hope to newly built communities.
  • Rubbish that cluttered the home, all washed away, opens up for new.
  • Memories lost insists now new ones must be made.
  • And many who nearly lost their lives are now Thanking God for their miracles.
  • Prayers have escalated, wise choice! Why must it take a disaster for you all to come together?
  • Heroes are born.
  • Heroes are lost, but not in vain.
  • Leaders will rise to this occasion.

Have I given you enough now K, to understand the Master plan’?

- Archangel Zadkiel

As he drifted out of my sight, I saw children playing in the floodwaters. A thought came to me, ‘The children were not at school, they were on holidays when the floods came, and this must also have been part of the greater plan’.

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Thankyou for this perspective.....Joy Reynolds

Thank you Zadkiel and K.. I feel many agree with you and sometimes it has seemed such a big task to get everyone to turn their hearts back to their fellow man ( not just here but also worldwide); this is an immediate and "loud" message to get every one back on track quickly. Please, take heed and stay on track even when the devastation seems to be cleaned up. People still have internal, mental and Spirititual devastation and this does not belong on our world or as part of the energy of our earth. We need to continue to care for each other and our mother earth... my heart to your hearts... GinnyGinny Roberts

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