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I am intrigued by this angel photo from Doreen Virtues show.....I love her work and she is a great inspiration to me. I am looking for healing as I have a great gift and need to get it back. BlessingsJanet Ingham

Thank you Janet for stopping by? I feel you will love the Spirit Messages section of our website. We'll be in touch...Dr Michael

Thank you K and Dr. Michael for the beautiful email reading you gave me in November. I feel even more hopeful and balanced and will take your advice to go with the flow!
Much love,
Monica DonleyMonica Donley

Dr Michael

Hi there, I downloaded the ebook and I couldn't stop reading it on my laptop last is very touching, moving and inspiring... I love it...[edited for length] love the the your work
lorraine findlay

Thank you, Lorraine!Dr Michael

I have a blessed life and never go a day without thanking spirit for all my blessings!Beth

Thank you for sharing that Beth! We work the same way. Join us in teaching as many as you can to do the same.Dr Michael

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Saint Germain Channeling by K. Master Rackoczi alchemist ascended master advises the disconnected, disheartened and the bored to change with imagination.

Saint Germain Channeling