Archangel Gabriel Message | The Mighty 2012 and The Cobbler

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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Archangel Gabriel Message The Mighty 2012 and the Cobbler

(Singing) "Deck the halls with boughs of holly. Fa-la-la-la--la-la--la-la..."

archangel gabriel 2012 channeled message and the CobblerDeck the Halls was the song that continued to be sung by a choir of angels in my head as I began to channel the following message from Archangel Gabriel. I could see Archangel Gabriel leading the group - this massive angelic choir. His gentle words came to me in my mind:

"Peace on Earth - to all good men", Gabriel said [instead of the customary, 'goodwill to men']. Archangel Gabriel continued, "We will not forsake you. There is still so much to share. The 2011 year has been of sorrow and loss. Do not dwell on this. Instead, focus and continue to bring joy to all things..."

"The children of the world will speak up more in the next year, as the mighty 2012 year begins. Heed their words of innocence and wisdom brought together. Rebuild your minds, which in turn will rebuild your hearts, for there are new places to explore and new people to meet..."

"Get ready. The new leaders will also make a stand. 'The Messiah', the one the Christians talk about returning, will not return as one soul, but many. Each one will stand in a role that is perfect for them. I sit with the Celestial Shoe Cobbler, who makes a new sole, one that is fit for a path easily walked on."

I thought, "Obviously, Archangel Gabriel was having fun with a play on the words 'soul' vs. 'sole' by referring God as the 'Celestial Shoe Cobbler'."

"Enjoy the road ahead will all of its beauty. Be glad in the heart and peaceful in the mind," Gabriel said. [Archangel Gabriel then joined back in the singing that trailed off] "Fa-la-la-la--la-la--la-la..."

What to know what a real angel looks like? Angel Photo by Dr Michael

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