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Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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Archangel Gabriel's Message: Embrace Life Change, by K - on Google

Archangel Gabriel message pictureIn preparation for this channelling, I sat quietly in my room, calling this much beloved Archangel Gabriel to my side for Archangel Gabriel's message. Archangel Gabriel has frequently been there for Dr. Michael and myself helping us to communicate Spirit's work, so this time I thought I would have Gabriel's direct input. As I began to fall into a trance, I noticed, for the first time, that my ceiling light was shining directly onto the middle of my desk where I was ready to do automatic writing of his words. My focus became this light from above and before long I could feel the warmth of this light. It began to shine brighter with a gentle flicker. Archangel Gabriel was here now in my presence. Through my third eye, I saw his colours of gold and white… and behind Gabriel was a scene like a painting of the desert, with all of its beautiful sky that was filled with the colours of light - crimsons and blues with a hint of purple lilac. It was as if someone had just thrown several paint cans and all of the colours had blended perfectly. Then Gabriel’s message interrupted…

‘K, look past my light and see the Earth I show you’, Archangel Gabriel's message began.

I saw clearly the ground was barren. Nothing grew. There were no people, no signs of life, just stillness. I found myself not wanting to focus on this scene of a desert. My eyes kept moving to back to the amazing pallet of colours above and the beauty it showed me.

Archangel Gabriel's message continued, "Yes, K. Out of barren land there is still beauty, and with beauty there is still hope. And, with hope there is still life. I will speak from all that dwell in the above Heavens. My Father, the Creator, does not weep for His people. Instead, He smiles with joy! For it is destined that war will create the balance of life. For too long now many have roamed the Earth dissatisfied, lost and yearning for things that were not for them to have. Many have destroyed their lives because of greed and so the world is unveiling more people like this. The Earth is physically showing the lack of care as many would like to think. Yet, we tell you that this is only part of the picture you are all aware of."

Archangel Gabriel said,"The planet as you know it will be reformed and not for lack of care, but for more. Your coastlines are not safe, as you once thought. Homes need to be built on rock not on sand. We have given many the messages to move inland and on. Communities are to be built where all feel they belong. The young and the old are to be cared for and the schools are to teach in another way. Too many of you on Earth complain about the word, God. He is not a man, but a Source. And, This Energy and Process is for and about Love only. There are armies in the Heavens ready to help. The Masters have their place. Their warriors are strategically set and ready to march to get the work out to those who will accept it. Life is to be creative, not damned. Hear this now... your food does not serve you. You do not serve each other well. You fail your simplest of tasks, which you are forgiven for. The signs are given and given, but go unnoticed. We need all of you to listen and change, not just some of you. My choir stands behind me, trillions and trillions of helpers, all ready to guide, ready to prove we exist. Why? you ask. Because you are us. You dwell in the density of this planet Earth. We dwell within the Heavens - soon to be closer to you all. The Christians are waiting for their Jesus. Many of you have seen Him already, for He walks with you already - He has for centuries within other forms. Many leaders have been crowned as He was. Many also were nailed to a cross. Many have been forgotten but are soon to be resurrected, because it is time. Every single life has a purpose. It is time to connect and multiply. If an act of kindness cannot be given or shown then you have succeeded in continuing the imbalance that this world seems to believe in. False prophecies are being dealt with. Communities are being formed from your disasters and new ways will be shown in your dreams and visions. Every desire is accountable. We have the records to see that they are fulfilled. [When we re-read Gabriel's message we understood this mean "every thought is a prayer and all promises must be kept." Gabriel's message was about watching our thoughts too, as they have creative power.]

Archangel Gabriel's message continued, "For those who are changing quickly do not be afraid. It is the plan that was put into motion if you did not succeed at first. It is the awakening, the light that is given for the go ahead. Act now. If it is totally different, rejoice in it! For it is proof that you can move into far more and in a hurry. This process will benefit all. Rejoice in it. Do not fear it. Allow it now. Create life. Design it from what we have shown within you. The world will not be barren… improved is the message." Gabriel's message finished with, "Yes, I hear you, K. You ask about this war situation. It will make certain cultures extinct, as you have made animals disappear. The fighting will get tiresome and eventually fade out. Many of you will understand you have achieved nothing, except to have gone around in circles. A new bible will be written and not like the one you have. It is not a religious text but rather a roadmap. It is on humanity and knowledge and simple ways to live, creating greatness and peace. Your language will change. Your material items will no longer exist. Your mind will be uncluttered like your life. Embrace this message. It brings change."

What to see what a real angel looks like? Angel photo by Dr Michael

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WonderfulDavid Laduke

Beautiful, thank you! I like your image of Gabriel also, I like the face. Jennifer

Hvala Arhangelu Gabrielu sto me vodi kroz zivot, i sa mojom molitvom pomaze mi u svemu.Ruzica Varmedja

Hello there and thank You So Much......wonderful information...--------------May I ask ---- to be given more Info about...Abundance......How to have easier Life...without working too hard ( or do we have to....)....How to Have more Money?..and Live an easier Life........thank You so much........I also wanted to ask --If Loosing my Job ------was Part of the Plan ...or not....thank You so Much.....with Appreciation @ Love to You.....Hana M Vancouver..Hana Mezei

I enjoyed the Archangel Gabriel channeling.Jeanne Koenigsreuter

I love reading messages from the angels, but, as with many modern prophecies, I have difficulty believing that these messages are consistent with the Bible. Sometimes it is like the messages change what will happen in the future, Also, I am happy to share that in 1994, I saw an angel in the form of a wind fight off a demon in whirlwind wrestling match. It was so amazing.Joseph G. Phillips

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