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Archangel Chamuel Channeling November 2010

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Archangel Chamuel said, "I sit before you with much love for all - greater than you can imagine. It is this time of year that is dear to our hearts, for it is the joy in giving that brings a spirit to life. This year, the Elemental realm has multiplied, bringing you new magic and laughter. The fairies will work overtime. The leprechauns have their pockets of gold full and the elves will sprinkle more love dust than ever before.

This month of December is a reminder that life does not stop and stand still, that a year may end; however, another year will follow. Cupid and its arrows will be right on target for much love, and new relationships will be handed out because it is written.

For those who think they are alone, please do not suffer with this emotion. Instead, rejoice! All the choirs of angels will fill your heart with song.

See who needs help and offer it. Be that hand that helps. Kindness is the key for this season, not anger or hurtful tones. We must remind you ... as the year closes another will open, and it is in this new year of 2011 that many will experience huge changes. So, be mindful and look for the signs. You will see them. You will be guided. And, you will be loved, for it is a year that will lead to more.

Allow this within your life. Do not 'swim up current'. The feeling to express is love. The thoughts must also be of love. And then, the action that result will always be of love for evermore. Magic will surround you. So, please enjoy the new world we are showing you. The angels are serving you. Peace awaits you."

- Archangel Chamuel

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