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Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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Sacred Heart of Jesus

I would like all to know that there is no preparation needed to ask Jesus Christ to come. Jesus is my friend, my father, and a lover to me as he is to you. It is through Jesus that I direct my life and desires. Jesus is the most powerful Reiki Master ever known to have walked this Earth. His love for me, and for each of you is wider that the oceans we can see from the shore. Through his eyes, he sees only love. When we mess up, Jesus does not scold us as the Church says; he loves us more and points us on to a better path. I depend on Jesus for love and guidance and protection. I depend on him for his mastery and skills as a teacher. I depend on him for all knowledge that I require to serve his people. Yes, that's right, you are his people, as I am. I am here to serve him which best serves you. As a child of God, Jesus will hold me and nurture me as he will do for you. You only have to ask, In the name of Jesus Christ, "Thy will, will be done." I said, Jesus is my lover, for we respect each other's roles. The word love does not relate to sex. Love is about unity and understanding with belongingness. Jesus is Source and when he walked this Earth there was disappointment for him. For he saw, the people were lost and out of control. Not much has changed in this day that we live in. Yet, Jesus never gave up. He continued to teach and love and allow many to grow. His spirit is within us; his energy is within our heart and hands. His blessings are within our consciousness and subconsciousness, and he is the one that can fill you with the most intense ecstasy of light.

Brasilien - Christus-Statue auf dem Corcovado

Join me, all of you. Go to Jesus Christ and ask him to please heal your soul. He ascended to watch over his flock. He is the shepherd and we are his sheep. He knows everyone of us, and those who are missing from his flock. That is why Jesus sends angels to find us. He loves us with all of our mess-ups. He looks forward to seeing us all when we come home to the Heavens - a place we can call home with peace and ease. I would like to share a profound meditation with you, one many years ago with Jesus. Firstly, I knew Jesus was real through Spirit, but because I wished him to go one-step further and prove Himself to me by touch and feel. He granted my wish and brought me to his place in the Heavens. As I lifted from my body, time seemed to disappear and then I found myself sitting in the Garden. This Garden was magnificent in every way. The colours were unimaginable. There Jesus was sitting on his throne and he called me over, "Come here my child. It is me, I am Jesus." The light that surrounded him illuminated everything. Doves flew above his head. His crown Chakra glowed in golden hues and his heart seemed to connect with mine. I was in awe. I moved more forward to Jesus, and bowed before him. Jesus spoke, "There is no need to bow. Rise my child. Come, sit with me for awhile." I sat at his feet and my head nestled onto his lap, and he stroked my hair as I wept. Jesus allowed me to weep, but as he stroked me more my body began to fill with warmth, and there was no need to cry any longer. Jesus asked me, "What do you wish from me, my child?" My reply was simply, "I would like love and healing, please." That very moment my body surged with energy, and the light around us both was so intense I could not keep my eyes open any longer. There was no more weeping emotions - I felt joy and freedom.

Although I was only meditating for 20 minutes, this visit with Jesus felt like hours. As I came out of meditation and collected myself, I could remember everything and I was ready to shout from the rooftops with joy. I knew my aura had been enlarged and I had a high feeling, like I could now conquer the world. Every time I called on Jesus or visited him for a while, this happened to me, always. I can even lay down on my Reiki bed and enjoy a healing from Jesus Christ, his Masters, and his angels, without a facilitator. All of you can do this. If you don't have a Reiki bed, then use your own bed and spend some time in the Garden with Jesus. His door is always open, and you will leave feeling restored! Many of you know my aura, how I smile wide and how my eyes see. A hug from me can heal many. And, WHY am I like this? Because, Jesus lives within me. I invoke him daily, maybe even 10 times-a-day, or more. I am blessed, but not any more than can you be. My wish for the world globally is that all feel and live this way.

THIS IS THE SIMPLE CHANNELED MESSAGE FROM JESUS WHEN I ASKED HIM WHAT HE WISHED TO TELL OUR READERS: Jesus Christ said, "I am real. Walk with me now. Come to me. I love thee!"

Without Jesus, there would be no true meaning of Easter. Everyone buys chocolate eggs when everybody should just share love by being together. The month of April represents death and a new beginning. Take this journey with Jesus Christ. Let part of you die and another part be born. 

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Some things never change: like the human need for kindness, compassion, and companionship, ... for belonging, forgiveness, and love.

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