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Aphrodite, Goddess Of Love, Hercules On Love, and The Love Spell Mantra

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Aphrodite Goddess of LoveAs I tuned into Aphrodite, her beauty was absolutely illuminating. Aphrodite is a true beauty with flawless, fair, white skin and long flowing hair. She wore sashes of material just covering her body draped loosely like a Greco-Roman woman of years gone by. She was strong in her presence and confident with her role.

Aphrodite spoke... "I am the creator of love with a passion. No man may resist me, for I am a woman not to be missed. Sexuality is a gift a woman beholds. It is in how she delivers this which becomes her victory. Call on me. Invoke me, as I have the strength of many Titans when it comes to loving. Love is not to be taken lightly; it must have the power to stand time. Without it, you are like a branch that is withered, and so, no good can come from it. Release the goddess in you. Declare what you wish for yourself and from another. The time is perfect to create new. Now do it."

It was short but sweet. She stood before me with almost an arrogance to her. She knows she is The Goddess of Love and so therefore behaves as one. She had a half-smile, almost a smirk, and an energy of mystery about her with her words of deliverance. Aphrodite essentially said, 'I have spoken; now get on with it' is what I felt from her. (The way of Greek Gods and Goddesses, it seems, is to act with supreme authority, because they are.)

As Aphrodite spoke, in the background there was a masculine image. A man was awaiting his turn to speak and the name Hercules came into my mind. Now, there standing before me was a powerful looking Roman soldier fit to be a king. The shape of his body was well defined and his chiseled face was  adorable.

The Greek God Hercules too was covered with very little cloth. I guess up there in the Heavens (and Mount Olympus) they have no need for real clothing. I could feel his incredible strength in his energy around him. I also saw he had his fair share of power over women, as Goddess Aphrodite did with men.

Hercules sat and stared at me. His eyes were piercing. He did not speak to me, yet in my mind I heard these words from him. "Every century that has passed... one thing never changes, the desire to love and be loved is concentrated on daily. Let me use a pebble to skip across the water and show you the beauty it leaves behind within the pool. So too does this rippled effect join you, within your heart, when you love. To love greatly, one time in your life, is worth much more than to love unnecessarily. Choose many if you may, but you can only truly love one. That one is you, for if you cannot love yourself, then loving another is not possible. I am the magic you can invoke into your life. At this season, strength and courage will surround you to march on."

Thank you, Goddess Aphrodite and Hercules. Spirit also guides me to leave you with an invocation for this month of February 2011. Your mantra, that you must speak as truths, create the energy you wish... to love.


  • "Today, this day, I invoke the Gods of the Heavens to hold me.
  • I acknowledge I am made up of love and therefore can create more love in my life.
  • Bring that new friend, a new partner, a child, a new job.
  • My family is made up of love only. Lack does not exist for any of them or me.
  • Fill my bank with many dollars for I am worthy of abundance and success.
  • May my health be well always and may I be there for another, as another is there for me.
  • My life is blessed and perfect, just for me. And so it is!"

© Copyright 2011. Connect with Spirit. Aphrodite Goddess of Love, Hercules, and the Love Spell Mantra. 

I am using your love spell mantra open up my heart to everything beautiful and positive..I am using this to help bring my gorgeous man back into my arms if it is for our highest good. It is helping to heal my power centre and my heart. Thank you for sharing your channelings as they are beautiful words of wisdom that resonate within me deeply Anna xxxAnnabelle Chambers

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