11-11-11 and The Guardians of the Twelfth Realm

Last Updated June 27th, 2013

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11-11-11 and The Guardians of the Twelfth (12th) Realm

11-11-11 channeled message from guardians of 12th realm picture"It is with great pleasure that we send this message to you from the realms that sit high and hold us in position.

We have enjoyed the energy that has been created for the date, 11-11-11.  As we watch many, we see those who walk their talk and those who still do not understand their true path, yet are determined not to be left by the roadside.  We are pleased.

The concept the humans have tapped into is truly the energy we wish for all of you and your world.  Three words we etch into your minds and hearts from this day forward are: Love, Peace and Unity.  The key to these words for the magnificent beings you are is 'intention' - you use intention in all things you do.  A great mind can lead the world, a great heart can love and heal the world, and every one of you is capable of doing this in your own unique way.

We will touch [come together] this day, 11-11-11, and for those who do not recognise us, you will still be given the energy to move you forward in preparation for 2012.

De-clutter your minds, eat less in these days before 11-11-11.  Drink plenty of your natural resource, water, and meditate in silence.  Stay away from harsh situations and environments and you will be ready to connect with us and the outer worlds to receive the wisdom that is coming to you to heal the earth and your lives.

There will be no mistake, you will know we are with you.  Walk with us, blend with us and celebrate the improved connection we will continue to have with you.

Change: A stranger will now be a friend.  A friend will now be a stranger.  A family member will die but a newborn will bless the family.

It is this date, 11-11-11, that we will convert the lost, being their shepherds, bringing them home to Source.  For the connected, we will ignite you to a higher consciousness, one not known to man before.  Many will peel away the old life and be renewed.  We bless you, we love you, we reunite you.

The day, 11-11-11, will begin at 11am and continue to 11pm.  We ask that everyone connect please and be with someone to feel the timely shift that was always meant for your world.  It can heal, it has progressed and life still has its roots.  Stand strong and celebrate your paths we are now opening for you.

Welcome, you are now moving into your fifth dimension, opening to a world of love."

- The Guardians

Channelled by K 9 November 2011

Copyright 2011. Connect with Spirit Pty. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Channeled Spirit Message by K from The Guardians of the Twelfth (12th) Realm on the 5th Dimension change and being brought by 11-11-11 for love, peace, and unity.

I am cynical but willing to meditate and see what happens at 11:11:11. I wish for all humankind to share in Unity Conciousness. Sat Nam!Lloyd L. Sevigny

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