Spirit Messages

Last Updated April 8th, 2016
Spirit Messages

Spirit Messages

Spirit Messages - What Are They?






Spirit Messages are channeled messages, channelings, archangel gabriel messages, inspired messages, dream messages, automatic writing messages, deep trance messages, spirit guide messages, messages from the beyond, or what we simply call, 'Spirit Messages'. Channeled messages are the specific thoughts, feelings, recommendations and advice from 'Spirit', whom we will define as all beings of light, God, Jesus, Buddha or any of the Ascended Masters, the angels, the archangels, our deceased relatives and our spirit guides, animal spirit guides, the elementals, the devas, etc.; channeled messages come through a vessel, a 'channeler.'

Famous Psychic Mediums and Channelers Give Messages

A channeler is someone who is able to communicate with God, the angels, archangels, Spirit or our deceased loved ones - today, you would call most of them a 'psychic medium' - and relay the information to another. Psychic mediums and channelers act as a communications link between the physical world and the non-physical world. Historical figures in the Bible, such as Moses, John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, Paul the Apostle, and many of whom were known as the prophets, have channeled messages from God, the Archangels, and other heavenly beings and deities and passed on the information to others. In tribal cultures, the spirit messenger might be a medicine man or shaman that connects with their ancestors or the Great Spirit and brings forth omens, prophecies, and advice on how to live, where to hunt, etc. In more modern times, famous mediums, psychics and channelers are people such as: Jane Roberts, Helen Schucman, JZ Knight, Lee Carroll, Geoffrey Hoppe, Neal Donald Walsch, John Holland, John Edward, James Van Praagh, Allison Dubois, Lisa Williams, Gordon Smith, Carolyn Myss, Collette Baron-Reid, Esther Hicks, George Anderson, Sylvia Browne, Sonia Choquette, Doreen Virtue, among many others (forgive us and please comment below if you think we missed someone who deserves to be included in this impressive list).

How Do Channelers Give Spirit Messages?

Many have heard of Nostradamus, and the deceased Edgar Cayce, a famous trance channeler. They would enter a trance like state and his soul would leave his body, visit places like the Akashic Records, and he would allow Spirit to speak through him. Our very own Clairvoyant K is a psychic medium and a trance channeler. The messages on our site that you will read are the writings of Spirit, as channeled by K. While some were transcribed from trance sessions, most of the Spirit Messages have been channeled through the process of automatic writing - allowing Spirit to write through us. Some mediums, psychics and channelers are clairaudient, or 'clear hearing', while others are clairvoyant, 'clear seeing', claircognizant, 'clear knowing', or clairsentient, 'clear feeling.'

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Why Channel Spirit Messages?

A channeler might not recognize that he or she is a channeler. Some even resist their gifts. However those who do provide spirit messages do so because of their need to be of service to humanity. Other reasons include: to learn about the invisible realms of spirit, to learn about God and the afterlife, to learn about angels, to connect with deceased loved ones, to understand the relationship between themselves, their past lives and why they have spirit guides, to gain knowledge directly from the Masters, guardians and historical figures, to expand one's awareness of spirit and simply to acknowledge their gift and honor their connection to Source and themselves.

Not everyone believes in the afterlife. However, lack of belief in God, angels, our eternal souls or the afterlife, or Heaven as some call it, does not make any of  them less real. And from our experience, not all believe in channelers and channeled messages, claiming that such thoughts are from the person's unconscious mind not from the invisible realm of Spirit. We assure you that these channeled messages are indeed from Spirit and the realm of the very much alive world of Spirit; yet, you decide. These eternal beings have our best interests in mind with their inspiring thoughts and opinions about how we should be living our lives. It is our belief that we should heed their advice.

What Frustrates Those Who Give Spirit Messages?

The times when clients refuse to heed the advice given by Spirit. Our spirit guides always have our best interests at heart even if we don't get what we want. Other frustrations of messengers include: (1) being interrupted while receiving a message during meditation or during a channeling session, and (2) when spirit messages are seemingly incomplete, vague, too general or lacking detail. This usually results in the channeler wondering if they are a clear channel for Spirit. The channeler does not get to determine the content of the message and is often not privy as to why the message is the way it is, only that the message is to be delivered 'as is.'

What Makes A Clear Channel for Spirit?

Being a good spirit messenger, medium or channel is not easy. Most are ridiculed or threatened for being who they are at some time during their life. It is not easy to overcome the biases and prejudices of others to do what you are called to do. Those who are spirit messengers are called to do it; they know this is what they are supposed to do, even if they do not like how they are received or treated. Regardless, being a clear channel requires a clear mind. A good channeler eats well for their body, avoiding the foods, drugs and drinks that make them feel heavy, lethargic or dull. They sleep well, exercise, meditate, love, enjoy life, pray, laugh, get healed, are compassionate, associate with like minded others, and most of all, practice. All skills of the mind require practice and channeling is no exception.

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On the right are channeled messages from Spirit from several Archangels: (1) Archangel Gabriel, (2) Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Zadkiel, (1) Archangel Michael, (2) Archangel Michael, and (3) Archangel Michael, and Archangel Chamuel. There are also messages from (1) the Guardians,  (2) the Guardians, and the Saint Germain Channeling, in addition to spirit messages from Merlin, Quan Yin, Mother Teresa, the Romance Angels, another one from Jesus Christ, the Elementals, Minxes, and Dragonflies, among other messages from spirit guides, angels and masters. Click any of the messages on the right to read more of what Spirit has to say to you ... and be inspired.


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