Our Journey

Last Updated April 8th, 2016
Our Journey

Spirit brought K the Messenger to teach you to Connect with Spirit! It might have had something to do with them being psychic herself who understand how to improve intuitive abilities through psychic development and who understand Reiki, Chakras, Energy, and  who already knew how to meditate and teach how to do meditation.

Australia's leading psychic, K the Messenger - internationally renown healer, teachers, speaker, clairvoyant, author of the book Dating the Messenger & ebooks. Since 2007, she offers psychic medium readings, meditation, workshops, healings & retreats to assist people in their journey to bliss.

Connect with Spirit™ offers an array of services to assist your journey including: guided meditations, meditation circles, intuitive and psychic development, angel card reading techniques, Reiki, manifesting, spiritual classes and workshops, in addition to dating and relationships workshops.

K the Messenger lead inspirational workshops and meditations to help all individuals connect with Spirit. Her mission is to reduce conflict, inspire excellence, and promote wellness. She believes a healthy spiritual awareness demands an exploration of one's spiritual truths for the realignment of those truths within the mind, body and spirit so that people live a more rewarding life.

K the Messenger gives individual psychic readings, phone psychic readings, Skype online psychic readings, and email psychic readings.

Connect with Spirit K the Messenger In The News and Media

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K the Messenger is a celebrated communicator, author and was blessed with psychic abilities since childhood, where she was overlooked through her early years. K has written a memoir of her journey to find love entitled, Dating the Messenger which can be purchased in our online store.

Their debut novel, a true story  entitled, Dating the Messenger: The Untold Story of a Clairvoyant, reveals how the Holy Spirit guides K and her clients to a better life. K's heart-warming story in this revealing book provides hope for those in search of true love and emphasises the importance of self-discovery, embracing one's differences and realisizing one's potential, while maintaining values and following one's guidance.

K reads for clientele from all over the world, and is one of the most sought after clairvoyants in Australia.

K the Messenger is an acclaimed author and media commentator with vast experience in the Wellbeing, Personal Development, and Relationships Industries.

Clairvoyant ‘K’ Taylor has over 10 years of experience in the Wellbeing, Public Speaking and Life Coaching Industries, specialising in Meditation, Intuitive Bodywork, Reiki Energy Healing and Business Coaching. She is an internationally-acclaimed Psychic Medium.

K the Messenger have appeared on a number of TV, Radio, and media shows around Australia commenting on spiritual, health and dating related issues.

Bookings are by appointment only.

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