Connect with Spirit Podcast: Living with Spirit Part 1

Last Updated January 26th, 2011

Connect with Spirit Podcast: Living with Spirit, Part 1

Connect with Spirit's K and Dr Michael offer a series of podcasts about new age, spirituality, meditation, Reiki healing, being psychic, how to connect with spirit guides, God, the holy spirit, living a life of meaning, and developing and using your psychic abilities to your fullest potential.

Listen to January 2011's podcast of Living with Spirit, by Clairvoyant K, part 1. The continuation of part 1, part 2 (of 2) is also available on the Connect with Spirit YouTube channel.

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Spirit Message

For it is the jumpers in the world that make a difference and more in life. So many of you are not even willing to take those steps. We do not wish your harm, nor broken bones, and we would never tell you to jump when there is no one to catch you.

9/9/9 Channelled Message