2012 I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop - Anaheim California

Last Updated April 15th, 2012
2012 I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop - Anaheim California

I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop - Anaheim, CA, U.S.A. 3 Days for Only $575!

Daily from 9-5pm - 14, 15 & 16 September 2012

Become a better psychic and more intuitive... the EASY Way!

Tired of Feeling Misguided, Going Nowhere, Mentally Blocked or Feeling Disconnected?

Change Ordinary You Into Extraordinary YOU...

Discover the SECRETS of Being Highly Intuitive!

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K and Dr. Michael of Connect with Spirit™ present the Anaheim I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop for 3-days of great fun near Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, U.S.A.

Learn in one weekend to develop and improve your ordinary intuition and natural psychic abilities to become extraordinary!

Our Petition for Your Intuition!

Has your ordinary life lost its magic? Are you suffering from chronic anything or choice overload? Are you making too many mistakes? Are you unsatisfied, disconnected, unhealthy or overwhelmed?

After all, the economy is not so good; money is tight. People are having trouble keeping up with technology, all of the changes, not to mention the increasing demands to be doing more with less financial and social support than ever before in history.

What is happening to you? There is a lot going on. No wonder life seems a bit crazy. But, has it occurred to you that you are doing the wrong things and not doing something right that can stop the madness?

Use Your Intuition!

When you learn to use your intuition properly you will get your life back on track.

It will change your life forever - for the better!

Okay. I am ready to order.




Five Reasons Why You Should Register Now To

Attend Our I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop

(Other than using your intuition to determine exactly what you need.)

  • All can, should, have to, and must use their intuition to have a better, more rewarding life.
  • The way we teach our unique intuition development skills makes them fun and easy to learn.
  • The intuitive workshop is taught by respected professionals at an affordable price.
  • You can have the peace, clarity, confidence, happiness, success and focus that a intuitive life offers.
  • Plus, if you wish, you will be a better mom, dad, partner, employee, boss, student and get better results.

Notice that we didn't say we will make you a more spiritual person or some new age hippy. These are real benefits that we are offering.

Or, you could just remain ordinary, live a stressed out life of too many choices, feel disconnected and become overwhelmed and unhealthy. It is your choice, yet to us, there is always an alternative.

Don't Take Our Word For It


"I found the I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop to be a powerful and moving experience. I have already changed in so many ways in strongly developing my psychic abilities, trusting my intution and living more joyfully with Spirit. Thank you so much K and Dr Michael for guiding us in a safe, fun and creative enviroment to meet our Spirit Guides and Angels, and giving us the techniques to stay connected and in tune with Spirit. The techniques work. You rock!"

Kylie Fox, Marketing Professional, QLD
"It has been an awesome weekend. K and Michael are such wonderful teachers. If you have any interest in learning about how to you communicate with Spirit I highly recommend attending classes with them. Thank you so much K, Michael, Guides, Angels, Masters and "Spirit"... my life is forever enriched."

Ginny, QLD
"You are a great team and excellent facilitators. I love your sense of humour that you bring to your teaching; it has been a long time coming to have had so many questions answered so clearly."

Carolyn, QLD
Absolute connection, absolute bliss. I meditated deeper than I have ever done so before. Total relaxation. Received deep healing and profound shifts.

Cassie, QLD
"Fun, effective and worth every $."

Geraldine, QLD

The Perfect Alternative to a Stressed, Ordinary Life

With this 3-day Intuitive Workshop, K and Dr. Michael offer you a chance to explore your intuitive gifts and psychic abilities to discover your full potential. Using various techniques and exercises you will learn to use angel cards, meditation, and much more to work with the angels and your spirit guides to get accurate messages. If you are like some intuitive people you bought a deck of angel cards and haven't been able to go beyond reading the words on the cards. Well, this is the perfect workshop to learn to use your angel cards properly!

The I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop teaches adults over the age of 15 the skills they need for having a sharp intuitive mind and body that some would call psychic. That's right, psychic. You can call yourself what you wish but everyone has intuition and everyone has gut feelings - only most ignore their hunches and feelings with disastrous results. But it doesn't have to be that way. Even too many people who are gifted with a strong intuition are not using theirs properly or are not trusting their hunches, inspirations, visions, dreams, feelings, or thoughts. Why? Because, society has reinforced that you should be ordinary instead of extraordinary. We say that people who use their intuition in life are extraordinary… and you can have an extraordinary life too.

I Choose to Extraordinary




Your Choice: Remain Ordinary or Become Extraordinary!

  • Understand why your life isn't working and what you can do about it.
  • Open your mind to new realities, discover new possibilities and achieve more.
  • Be less stressed because you make better decisions and choices.
  • Be more focused, connected to your spirit and communicate well with others.
  • Be more intuitive, direct and creative in your business, career, job, occupation, profession and hobbies.
  • Be a better psychic reader, tarot reader, angel card reader, medical intuitive, psychic medium, healer, clairvoyant, channeler, animal whisperer, spirit messenger, spiritualist, theta healer, crystal healer, angel intuitive, bowen therapist, Reiki healer, kinesiologist, meditation teacher, massage therapist, hypnotist, chiropractor, Reconnective healer, pranic healer, past life regressionist, angel therapy practitioner, reflexologist, body work therapist, alternative medicine practitioner, lightworker or whatever you call yourself.
  • Access the Divine and receive clear messages from Source, God, Angels, your Higher Self, your deceased loved ones, and get practical advice from the Masters,spirit guides, animal spirit guides, Gods, Goddesses and the Saints.
  • Be healthier because of following your intution and your internal guidance.
  • Help yourself, your family, friends, clients and others with your intuitive abilities.
  • Be more settled, at peace and in better relationships because of your clear intuition.
  • Arrive at conclusions and answers more quickly because of your gut feelings.
  • Manifest your dreams and financial concerns more quickly because of your connection and visions.
  • Live the life you were meant to live, not an ordinary life but an extraordinary life!

Use The Ammunition of Intuition!
Take Your Life Back and Enjoy Peace!

Learn the intuitive secrets of these master teachers, Australia's psychic duo K and Dr Michael, to become so intuitively gifted that some people will call you psychic. What we offer is not being offered elsewhere. Yes, there are psychics who teach people bits and pieces of what we teach like psychic intuitive development, meditation and to read from angel cards… but they do not teach what we teach or the way we teach it! Our classes are unique among psychic development teachers, and quite frankly you will have to experience our techniques to believe them.

Just 1 day of our workshop will amaze you… so, imagine what the entire workshop will do!

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Our Students Say Things Like This...


"When I got there Friday, I could hardly put one foot in front of the other... when I left I could hardly keep both feet on the ground."

Sharelle, VIC
"It was like a bubble bath for the soul. Three days of remembering and reconnecting with our true self."

Karen, VIC
"I wanted to directly communicate with Spirit, to be able to ask questions and have them answered, to have Spirit bring up topics to guide and heal me. And, if meditation could bring me physical relaxation as well, then I'd have that too. Was I expecting too much? NO! Dr. Michael and K showed me just how easy it is to open and connect with Spirit."

Kat, QLD
"You both have a magical gift of communicating exactly what I needed to learn."

Bonnie, QLD

What You Won't Learn in this 3-Day Intuitive Workshop

  • How to be an atheist, pessimistic or a skeptic.
  • How to levitate or move objects with your mind.
  • How to practice religion or spirituality (you can still believe what you want).
  • How to be a stress management expert.
  • How to run your business or your life.
  • How to be qualified or a certified specialist in any area.
  • How to be a body language expert.
  • How to control people.
  • The meaning of life.

What You Will Learn During Our 3-Day Intuitive Workshop

  • Simple universal truths about how our minds and bodies work.
  • The practical truth about your intuition and how to use it everyday.
  • How to have a spiritual life regardless of religious practices and beliefs.
  • Simple spiritual truths about God, the afterlife, angels, spirit guides, and more.
  • How to talk to Spirit and get an answer to any question.
  • Skills that improve your intuition and psychic abilities.
  • How to meditate deeply, easily and effectively - better than any other method.
  • How to use picture tools to get an answer to any question.
  • How to read angel cards better than most psychic card readers.
  • How to stop guessing and be guided by Spirit.

I Connect with Spirit Anaheim CA Click to Pay & Register



Why You Should Learn From K and Dr Michael

Psychics Dr Michael and K teach the I Connect with Spirit Psychic WorkshopWho are K and Dr. Michael? Well, you may have read their articles in Australia's Insight Magazine or heard them giving live psychic readings on Hay House Radio. Or, you may have spotted them at several Hay House Australia events looking quite inconspicuous as Hay House volunteers. However, they are internationally renowned healers, teachers, and authors of the amazing true story, Dating the Messenger: The Untold Story of a Clairvoyant! Based in Brisbane, K and Dr. Michael of Connect with Spirit™ have earned praise for their clairvoyant readings with angel cards and medical intuitive work from international celebrities Dr. Wayne Dyer and medium Lisa Williams. They have taught many spiritual development workshops and have accumulated testimonial after testimonial for their work. And now, K and Dr Michael are coming for the first time ever to the United States - near Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, to teach you how to be a better psychic and to use your psychic gifts with ease!

"At this stage in my life, few impress me. However, that young man, Dr. Michael, impressed me."

"He is a brilliant physician.... He's the real deal."

Dr. Wayne Dyer - Author, Father of Motivation

What You Get with our I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop:

- 3 days of expanding your intuition to include a larger reality.

- Lots of laughter to accompany the fun examples.

- Meet like minded people who are very intuitive.

- Receive personalized insights about you and your life.

- Get answers and guidance to the questions that you have.

How Much Does The Anaheim Intuitive Workshop Cost?

What price would you pay for guidance and peace? You know, we could easily offer this workshop at several thousands of dollars and it would still be a valuable bargain because of the impact it will have on your life. After all, this is life changing stuff. But we are not trying to make only a handful of ordinary people into extraordinary people. It is our mission to help everyone to be intuitive and extraordinary! So, we made the course affordable and located our course near the land of magic - Disneyland.

Everyone needs a little magic in their lives. Magic is what is missing for most people because life has become too busy and too stressful to be amazing. Well, won't you consider joining us? What are your feelings telling you to do? Buy now, if you have read this far, you recognise that you do have feelings and intuition. So, what is your intuition telling you about our intutive workshop? Is it saying that our I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop is worth learning, that you deserve to know what we know, that you are worth it, that it is being held in a great family location, and at a price you can afford? If so, we would love to have you join us!

I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop - Anaheim, CA

  • Pay $575 to Register for the 3-Day Anaheim I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop.
  • If you're unable to make all 3 days, we are offering a daily rate of $249 per day.
  • Friday 14th September 2012 - General Intuitive to Advanced Psychic Development
  • Saturday 15th September 2012 - The Connect with Spirit™ Method of Meditation
  • Sunday 16th September 2012 - Profound & New Oracle Card Reading Techniques

No Guarantee, But Improve Your Intuition - You Can

That sounded a bit too much like Yoda, the little green jedi master from Star Wars. Hmm. "What? No guarantees! Are you kidding me? You mean you are not going to guarantee that I will succeed in becoming more intuitive." Nope. We never do. But our track record for success with what and how we teach is impressive. Not many people can boast about 90% of first time meditation students achieve at least one deep meditation experience in one day. Plus, we teach some methods that no one teaches - methods that Spirit taught us.

Hey, people want guarantees for everything in life, so how about this one... if you take any risk, we guarantee your life will be DIFFERENT compared to if you hadn't taken any risk. That's obvious - doing something different produces different results. Sure, it might seem risky to attend an intuitive workshop. After all, you are not psychic, are you? Malarkey! Everyone is psychic and when you take our intuitive workshop you just might learn something new; and too much knowledge isn't a good thing, is it? Perhaps you have too many choices and that is what is making you confused as to whether or not to take a weekend to improve your life. Jeez! You could go here or there and do this or that. But then your life would still remain ordinary.

Hold on a second! The I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop is designed to help you figure you and your life out and to put you on the path to be extraordinary! Come on. Join us for the weekend. Maybe the rest of your family can go to Disneyland while you take a well-deserved break and sort out your life. Or, maybe they need to attend and you should go to Disneyland. Either way, you will be better for the weekend with us in Anaheim, CA.

Fine. Count Me In





Blessings, K and Dr Michael






P.S. - We do ask that you wear loose comfortable clothing on all days. Please review our Event Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy. Remember, for whatever reason, if you are unable to attend all 3-days of the intuitive workshop weekend we are offering a daily rate of $249 per day, so you can still get at least some of the intuitive benefits of what we are offering.

P.S.S. - Oh, and Be Sure To Bring Your Own Deck of Angel Oracle Cards on Sunday the 16th of September. We may or may not have any to purchase on the day. Which card decks are good ones? We recommend angel card decks over tarot card decks, in general, but any good card deck will have good pictures with few words. The top oracle card decks that we recommend are: Healing with the Angels (Doreen Virtue), Saints and Angels (Doreen Virtue), Goddesses Guidance (Doreen Virtue), Ascended Masters (Doreen Virtue), Psychic Tarot (John Holland), Ask Your Guides (Sonia Choquette), among others. There are many good decks. Choose at least one that you are intuitively guided to buy and bring it with you on Sunday.

P.S.S.S. - We highly recommend the book, Animal Spirit Guides, by Steven D. Farmer, PhD. It is truly a valuable resource for working with the intuitive messages received from our animal spirit guides.

ACCOMMODATION: hotels can be found at many nearby locations, but we recommend staying at the Sheraton Garden Grove Anaheim South Hotel, located at 12221 Harbor Boulevard, Garden Grove, CA 92840, telephone: 714.703.8400.

FOOD: There will be lunch and great food available for purchase at your expense from the Sheraton Garden Grove Anaheim South Hotel. A special Quick Lunch Menu will be available should you wish to pre-order meals.

© 2012 Connect with Spirit - Anaheim California CA U.S.A. I Connect with Spirit Intuitive Workshop to improve intuitive psychic gifts and learn a better way to read angel cards, psychic development techniques, meditation techniques and so much more to help you connect with spirit guides and angels to improve intuition.

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