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Last Updated September 19th, 2013

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Psychic Email Readings - 1 Question Answered

Need Help or Answers But Not A Full 1 Hour Reading?

Psychic Email Readings - One Question Answered

Email Psychic Readings 1 Question 3 Question by K

Many have asked for a one question psychic reading … well, now they are available as a regular offering. You can have your ONE question answered accurately from Spirit.

Australia's Accurate and Best Loved Clairvoyant-Medium K of Connect with Spirit™ can and will answer your question and give you the guidance you need.


1 Question Answered by Email

Your reading will be done, as scheduled, and sent to you as an .mp3 audio recording, answering your question(s) and provide any extras that Spirit knows you need to hear.

Psychic Email Readings - 3 Questions Answered

Need More Than 1 Answer But Still Not A Full 1 Hour Reading?

3 Question Psychic Email Readings are available too!

Quite a few clients have also asked for the 1/2 hr, three question psychic readings. You can have your THREE questions answered accurately from Spirit.


3-Questions Answered by Email

Your reading will be done, as scheduled, and sent to you as an .mp3 audio recording, answering your question(s) and provide any extras that Spirit knows you need to hear.

Psychic Email Readings - Common Questions/Topics

Psychic Readings - Why Should You Get One?

You shouldn't, unless you feel now that you can't come up with the answer on your own. Many people are already intuitive. In fact, quite a number of clients are angel card readers, tarot readers, intuitives or psychics themselves. Some people just want confirmation that they are on the right track. Other people have no idea what to do or where to turn. Some just want to be amazed that a psychic who doesn't know them or their situation can still tell them what they need to know. Everyone is different and we all need help at some point in our lives. What if we didn't take an opportunity that was going to lead to great success? Or, what if we did take an relationship or opportunity that looked good but turned out to be a complete flop?

What is really great about psychic email readings is - privacy. Any person, anywhere in the world can find out what Spirit has to say to them from the luxury of their home computer, iPad or from their mobile phone, as many people with smart phones are reading their email on their iPads and smart phones.

Psychic Email Readings - Are They Accurate?

Of course. Well, perhaps it would be best to say that psychic email readings can only be accurate if the psychic has a history of being accurate with their readings and they have tuned in to the correct person. K has given thousands of readings with great results, has a huge collection of glowing testimonials for her accuracy, including when doing phone psychic readings, Skype psychic readings, and of course, email pyschic readings.

Psychic Email Readings - What Can I Ask a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium?

K is offering to help you in the typical following areas:

  • Health Issues
  • Love, Family and Relationship Issues
  • Career and Job Issues
  • Financial and Money Issues
  • Travel and Home Issues
  • Life Purpose, etc.

Of course, you can ask questions about any area of your life. Spirit will deliver and answer your question(s).

Psychic Email Readings - What Do You The Client Need To Do

As above, true clairvoyants and psychics do not need to see you in person to be accurate. We do ask for your first name or the first name of your loved one, family member or deceased relative that you are interested in - just to be sure we are tuning into the right person. After submitting your question(s), it is just a matter of being patient until your email arrives. We have a refund policy and what you should expect from a clairvoyant reading that you may find useful.

Copyright (c) 2012. Connect with Spirit Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved. One Question & Three Question Psychic Email Readings for Answers by Clairvoyant K Taylor.

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